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While Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill remain fiercely divided regarding the nation’s fiscal and social path, Palmdale and Lancaster continue to wallow in their own political “sandbox.” Instead of “reaching across the aisle” for camaraderie, solutions and goodwill, the respective city halls are firmly entrenched on each side of the so-ed “Cactus Curtain.” It’s an old term, probably dating back to 1962, when Palmdale broke away from Lancaster to become the first city in the Antelope Valley to incorporate.

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Until then, both communities appeared to share responsibility for developing the desert landscape into a livable, workable and profitable alternative to the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys, as well as making the region the world leader in aeronautics innovation and production with Edwards Air Force Base at the center.

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The bgest battles encountered then amounted to little more than the annual hh school football rivalry.

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Fifty years later, a dividing line has emerged at Avenue M, the thoroughfare that effectively divides mayors R.Palmdale Dating, Palmdale Singles, Palmdale Personals

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